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Control and Instrumentation Equipment

DC Motor ControlDC Motor Control Module

The 207-15 DC motor control trainer has been designed to allow the user to perform numerous control experiments using either an analog or a digital controller. Drive of the motor system can be achieved by either using voltage input directly into the analog drive amplifier or by outputting a pulse width modulated waveform from a computer interface to the PWM de-modulation circuitry.

System feedback is available in both analog and digital form. Analog feedback is provided by a tachogenerator and a continuous rotation potentiometer. Digital feedback is generated by a Gray coded disc and a slotted disc.

Transducers, Instrumentation & ControlTransducers, Instrumentation & Control Trainer

The Transducers and Instrumentation Trainer introduces students to input sensors, output actuators, signal conditioning circuits, and display devices through a wide range of hands-on practical activities. This self contained trainer has all the necessary power supplies, light sources and compressed air supplies to carry out a wide range of hands on experimental work. It is possible to build and test complete closed loop control systems for rotary speed and position, making the trainer ideal for use in control engineering teaching.

PLC TrainerPLC Trainer

The 291-01 training system offers a rotating disc sorting application to teach the fundamentals of PLC control. We also include our unique software simulation of the trainer in the package to help introduce the basic concepts of PLCs and ladder logic.

This enables the whole class to carry out simulated PLC control task activities at the same time. Using this software, groups of students create ladder logic programs to control devices on the trainer using a graphical-based programmable logic control (PLC) editor.

Mechanical Equipment

Mechanisms TrainerMechanisms Trainer

The Mechanisms Trainer offers a classroom based resource for practical investigation of a variety of fundamental mechanical systems. The trainer allows users to investigate gears, pulleys, levers, cams, belt drives, and inclined planes.

Hydraulics TrainerHydraulics Trainer

The Hydraulics Trainer offers a classroom based resource for practical investigation of fundamental hydraulic components and circuits. The trainer consists of a variety of components mounted on an upright bench rig, and includes the following:

  • Pressure Regulator
  • In-line Pressure Gauge
  • Flow Meter
  • Flow Control Valve
  • Check Valves
  • T-Piece
  • Double-acting Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Motor

Electro Pneumatics TrainerElectro-Pneumatics Trainer

The Electro-pneumatics Trainer offers a classroom-based resource for practical investigation of pneumatic components and systems. The trainer consists of a two-part rig, the first of which allows users to connect components to create fundamental circuits. The second element is an electro-pneumatic sorting system that brings together electronic sensing and pneumatic actuators and logic gates to sort clear and black parts into different bins.

Advanced Electronics Equipment

Advanced Electronics Experiment PlatformAdvanced Electronics Experiment Platform

This unit provides power supplies and connection facilities for the complete range of advanced electronics circuit boards. It can operate either in standalone mode, or via a USB interface to a host PC.

Facilities are provided for switching of faults into most study modules.

Alignment of each circuit board on the experiment platform is achieved by means of an integral guide-rail system. A locking mechanism ensures a reliable and safe electrical contact.

The Variable DC supply is adjusted by means of a rotary control on the front panel of the experiment platform. An integrated push-button allows connection/isolation of all circuit board power supplies.

Introductory Electronics Equipment

Electronic Circuits TrainerElectronic Circuits Trainer

The Electronic Circuits Trainer offers a classroom based resource for practical investigation of fundamental electronic circuits. The pack consists of a 2mm patching board that contains a range of input, process, and output devices. The trainer also includes a set of components mounted for insertion onto the patching area to configure various circuits. The storage container accommodates these items along with the power supply and multimeter for a self contained electronics package.

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