Intelitek provides solutions for Automation training by combining industrial-grade components with engaging e-learning content. Our flexible solutions enable students to learn the principles of new technologies and experience hands-on training with software and hardware through problem-based learning projects.

Our solutions are perfect for high schools, community colleges, universities and industrial training. Whether you are building a program from the ground up, adding to an existing program or supplementing career training, we have solutions that will meet your needs. We also provide unmatched service including lab design, installation, training and technical support.

Fluid Power

Introduce students to the principles of fluid power with engaging simulations combined with industrial-quality hardware. Hydraulic and pneumatic principals and skills are conveyed through hands-on activities and projects building and troubleshooting fluid power circuits.


Information being added soon, stay tuned!

Quality Control

Our Quality Control courses teach the introductory skills essential for success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers.

With interactive e-learning curriculum featuring both quality lab hardware and simulated virtual labs, students learn to use precision measurement tools, perform inspections and collect data. They also learn how these concepts relate to statistical sampling, tolerance and quality control. Quality Control courses area ideal for any engineering or automated manufacturing program, providing a thorough and engaging element of STEM education.

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