Blended Learning Solutions for Careers in Healthcare and Allied Health

Up-to-date, standards-based content covering a wide range of foundational healthcare topics

HealthCenter21 prepares students for Allied Health Careers and Certifications:

HealthCenter21 Screenshot

HealthCenter21 Screenshot

  • Basic Healthcare Foundations
  • CPR (provider level) and First Aid
  • Emergency Medical Responder/Technician
  • Health Information Technology
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Office/Administrative Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Patient Care Technician (including basic EKG and Phlebotomy)

Blended learning environment includes:

Automated Student Assessment

Automated Student Assessment

  • Engaging Interactive Multimedia Lessons
  • Continuous Automated Student Assessment
  • Integrated Learning Management Tools

HealthCenter21 is used in over half of all career centers in Ohio

HealthCenter21 Instructor Testimonials

“Let me first tell you how much I really appreciate the Health Center 21/AES Education program. These courses provide excellent lessons for the students. I like that I can use them in class, and the fact the students can do home study with them as well. I use the program as supplemental learning material with several of my courses. I especially like the electrocardiography course. That does a great job helping to explain some of the terminology, procedures, and interpretations used in electrocardiography. In fact, we renewed again this year, plus added our Dental Assisting instructor because there is a lot she can use to teach her students.”

Kevin Kestner
South-Western Career Academy

“I use Health Center 21 on a daily basis with my junior and senior students. I particularly like the variety of subjects and lessons offered through the program. I am able to take parts and pieces of modules to supplement my curriculum or use entire modules. I know the information provided rein- forces what I teach and definitely helps the students master the health care concepts. The program also provides the instructor with multiple teaching strategies to use - worksheets, projects, skill sheets, etc. I can appreciate all the work that has gone into the development of this program. Thank you.”

Diane Ellis, RN, BSN, MS, MEd
Health Careers Instructor
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center

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