Technical Teaching Equipment for Engineering

Established in 1958, TecQuipment designs, develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of products for engineering education. The company is well known as a leading provider of technical teaching equipment for schools, colleges, universities and industrial training centres worldwide.

  • Subsonic Wind Tunnels
  • Subsonic Wind Tunnel Experiment Models
  • Subsonic Wind Tunnel Instruments and Accessories
  • Special Purpose Wind Tunnels
  • Supersonic Nozzle
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnels

Control EngineeringControl Engineering
  • Control Engineering Principles
  • MATLAB®/Simulink® Control
  • Digital Control
  • Process Control

Engineering ScienceEngineering Science
  • Engineering Science Work Panel
  • Engineering Science Experiment Kits
  • Engineering Science Full Set
  • Engineering Science Support Equipment and Ancillaries

Fluid MechanicsFluid Mechanics
  • Hydraulic Benches
  • Flow and Pressure Management
  • Pipe Friction and Low Energy Loss
  • Laminar and Turbulent Flow
  • Nozzles, Jets, Vortices and Cavitation
  • Flow Visualization
  • Pipe Surge and Water Hammer
  • Open Channel Flow
  • Hydrostatistics and Properties of Fluids
  • Hydrology
  • Pumps and Turbines
  • Modular Fluid Power (Pumps, Turbines and Compressors)

Materials Testing and PropertiesMaterials Testing and Properties
  • Basic Elastic Properties
  • Stress and Strain Analysis
  • Tortion Testing
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Creep Testing
  • Tensile and Universal Testing Machines
  • Impact Testing
  • Test Specimens
  • Free-Standing Structures Experiments

Statistics FundamentalsStatistics Fundamentals
  • Statistics Fundamentals Work Panel
  • Statistics Fundamentals Experiments


  • Structures Support Equipment and Ancillaries
  • Structures Software
  • Experiment Modules


Theory of MachinesTheory of Machines
  • Friction
  • Motion
  • Vibration

Thermodynamics and Heat TransferThermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Thermodynamics Principles
  • Heat Transfer
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Steam
  • Internal Combustion Engine Test Sets
  • Gas Turbines
  • Compressors

Versatile Data Acquisition System

Renewable Energy

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