German RepRap x400

The quick and straightforward solution

The X400 is a fully assembled large-volume 3D printer loaded with all the features necessary for professional use. Print intricate models up to 390x400x330mm in size with a layer height of down to 0.1mm. The Double DD2 extruder allows you to print with two extruders at the same time. Choose between two nozzles, depending on whether you like to print quicker or finer models.

Design and components are aimed at professional users in mechanical engineering companies, fabrication shops, small series production houses, construction companies, architects as well as artists and demanding hobbyists.

Some examples of the high-end components are low-play gears, high accuracy trapezoidal spindles for the z-axis driven by a single motor to avoid step-loss errors. All axes use hardened guide rods.

The electronic components are compatible with the Open Source RepRap software enabling in-house or community-based changes. Access to the components is easy and simplifies modifying and extending the device with e.g. milling spindles.

Quick Specs:

Build Volume - 40L x 40W x 35H (cm) 15.7L x 15.7W x 13.7H (in)
Layer Resolution - 100 microns
Filament - 3mm or 1.75mm lament of any available thermoplastic (PLA, ABS, PET, & more)
Nozzle Diameter - 0.3mm and 0.5mm
Software bundle - GRR Repetier host
Supported OS - Windows (7+), Mac (10.7+), Linux
Physical Dimensions - 660 x 660 x 770 mm
25.9 W x 25.9 D x 30.3 H in

x400-2GRR_x400_USA_Topo copy

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