The simple workflow of Roland’s monoFab ARM-10 rapid prototyping 3D printer makes creating 3D models as easy as hitting "print." The ARM-10’s layered projection system uses resin material which hardens into a semi-transparent object when exposed to UV light. Complex parts which previously required multi-axis milling, such as hollow or requiring undercuts, can be built quickly and easily. By using a suspended build system, resin usage is kept to a minimum, making model production efficient and affordable. Advanced, precise and user-friendly, the the ARM-10 rapid prototyping 3D printer is the perfect tool for unleashing your imagination.

  • Digital Light Processing (DLP) layered projection system produces semi-transparent models for concept and form testing
  • Fully enclosed cabinet for safety
  • Easy to use – can be controlled with a single button
  • Build area: 5.11” (130mm) W x 2.75” (70mm) D x 2.75” (70mm) H
  • Material: imageCure™ photopolymer resin
    • Semi-transparent
    • Easy post-processing – removal of supports, polishing and coloring
    • Short post curing time
  • Software: monoFab Player AM included
    • Automatic support building
    • Healing and mesh simplification
    • Simulation of resin volume
    • Change scale, duplicate, rotate
    • Preview layer function
  • Roland OnSupport delivers the latest firmware and software to your desktop

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